Increase FUCK Power with new Pro Boning HUD

You are not just a simple sex Machine. you can now do more on each boring sex position!


hump and pump... and comes with loads of sex sounds you can activate to increase the arousal factor of your mate.

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- VJ

Pro Moaning HUD [ Sex Enhancer / Orgasm Device ]

Moan, Groan, Screaming HUD..... enhance your sexual performance

no more Dead Fishes in Bed.

Orgaz the hell outta em old sex furniture.

 So many combinations to try out.

comes with super-sensual-ultra erotic sounds to boot!!

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- VJ

Now I can Apply Nail Polish

New toy!

Besides filing yer nails and applying lipstick, you can now shamelessly paint your nails anywhere...during sex bed business for example.

so excited.

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- VJ

Hook Up Bar!!! - meet n Fuck!

Massively essential kit for any venue. a simple hook up bar. Choked full of sleazy goodness. visitors will be back for more!!

Meeting up for a chat, a fuck or a lil bit of roughening up.

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 love <3 br="">
- VJ

Annoying HUD [rude & irritating animations]

yes... it is the most annoying, disgusting, sickening, and yes, most FUN you can have HUD!!!

no one will give you any attention unless YOU DEMAND IT!!

with a collection of the rudest, most obnoxious, irritating and ANNOYING animation gestures.
all in a simple attach and touch to activate HUD.

with Annoying sounds....

Guaranteed hours of disgusting fun.


Dogging Car - Hot Dogging Gang bang orgies!!!

Who let the Bitch out??

Hot Dogging!!

 Hot Bitchin' Gang Banging!!

Just Plain HOT!!!

super LOW prim Mesh car choke full of hot interactive animations rough, sexy, hot blooded and fun!

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OmniPotent Store in SL MarketPlace 

Lots Love,
- VJ

The Definitive GloryHole Experience

Thristy? go to watering hole,

for everything else, head down to the glory hole, you never know which slut's gonna be there for you to enjoy, lick your ass clean and suck your cocks dry. 

Free Tablet (iPad style) to use incase you get bored getting banged....

Beware!! Lots of bodily fluids will be loss!!

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OmniPotent Main Store
SL MarketPlace

- VJ